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Working from Home?

Employers must reimburse employees for all costs: 

Cell phones, home computer, internet access, desks, and all work supplies.

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Successful Settlements


Failure to pay all earned vacation and all final wages.



Failure to pay all earned vacation pay at the time of termination.

Chase Bank

Failure to reimburse for all work expenses and to pay for all time worked.


Forfeiture of vested vacation pay and vested personal holidays pay.


Failure to pay all final wages at the end of employment

Abercrombie & Fitch

Failure to pay for all time worked and non-compliant meal periods and mileage pay issues.

We exclusively represent employees in claims they have against their current or former employers in Superior Court and before California's Labor Commissioner and Labor Board. We never represent the employer. We have experience in going against some of the biggest companies in America and successfully getting settlements for our clients.  All of our work is on a contingent fee basis, which means that there is no charge by us to you unless there is a settlement or trial verdict in your favor.  We never charge for a consultation either by phone or in person.  All consultations are confidential.


We litigate cases for employees who have Work From Home/Home Office costs incurred such as cell phones, home computer, internet access, supplies, desks and chairs.  Employees may be owed significant wages, back expenses, and penalties by employers who fail to reimburse employees expenses and costs related to Working from Home when they are required to work from home or permitted to work from home.  We also represent clients in claims for unpaid time and unpaid overtime wages, for meal and rest periods that were not provided or duty-free, and for vacation wages owed and Paid Time Off claims.  We also litigate cases for systemic sexual harassment and systemic discrimination based on age

With the lawsuits we file in the Superior Court, Labor Commissioner or Labor Board, we also work to get the employer to change their practices.  It is often the goal of clients to be paid back their wages and penalties and to also want their employer to comply with the Labor Code with respect to other employees.  We believe that is important as well. 


Call Law Offices of Peter M. Hart to ask about work questions that concern you in a confidential and no cost consultation. Call (310) 439-9298.

Some information about your rights as an employee, made easy

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Meal Period and Rest Period Claims

Among the growing areas in employment law are employer violations of meal period and rest period laws. An employee is entitled to one (1) hour of pay as a penalty for each missed meal and rest period.

Overtime Claims

Claims for overtime wages are among the most litigated areas in wage and hour law. These claims carry the possibility of double damages in Federal Court. The Law Offices of Peter M. Hart have successfully settled a number of overtime claims against major national companies. 

Home Office Reimbursements

An employer has a duty to reimburse employees for all costs and expenses relating to an employee's required or permitted Work From Home/Home Office as well as all other field work-related expenses.  These expenses include cell-phones, home office computers, internet access, desks, uniforms, gas mileage, and certain tools.  Failure to do so can lead to claims for wages and penalties.

Vacation Hours Owed

In California an employer cannot have a "used-it-or-lose-it" vacation policy. Further, accrued vacation hours must be cashed out at the end of the employment relationship. 


These are just some of the past cases that Peter Hart, Esq., has filed on behalf of his clients. If you require legal advice on a private matter, please call Peter Hart on (310) 478-5789.  Consultations are free and always confidential. 

over $300 million in settlements



Unpaid wages for time worked.


Forfeiture of vested vacation pay and vested personal holidays pay.

Bank of America

Failure to pay all wages earned in each pay period and failure to pay all final wages.

Schneider Trucking

Improper piece rate pay that did not pay for all time worked.

Best Buy

Failure to pay all bonuses earned.


Failure to pay for all time worked, including time not paid at the start and end of shifts and for denial of meal periods and mileage pay.


Failure to pay all earned vacation pay at the time of termination.

JP Morgan Bank

Failure to reimburse for all work expenses and to pay for all time worked.

About Us

About Law Offices of Peter Hart

Attorney Peter M. Hart specializes in employment law providing representation, focusing on wage and hour violations and also systemtic gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and race discrimination claims. Mr. Hart only represents employees in litigation against companies they currently or used to work for. However, at the start of his career, Mr. Hart worked at two prominent national law firms representing the employer. This past experience contributes to helping him develop successful strategies when pursuing litigation for the employees he now represents. 

​Mr. Hart graduated with honors from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles where he was the Research Editor of the Law Review. He graduated in the top 5% of students (out of over 300 students) and was a Sayre MacNeil Scholar.


Before starting his own law practice, Mr Hart previously worked at the Los Angeles offices of Perkins Coie, LLP, a national law firm based in Seattle, Washington and also at the Santa Monica offices of Bryan Cave, LLP a national law firm based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Mr. Hart only handles cases on a contingency fee basis, so there is never any fee unless there is a recovery to you.


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